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Consumers Speak Out Against
Southeast Van Lines, Atlanta, GA
and Mr. Benjamin David

Every Mover’s Nightmare

Before you use Southeast Van Lines of Atlanta, Georgia, or do business with Mr. Benjamin David, please perform your due diligence on this man and his business!

I am a business executive that has been professionally moved six times in the past eight years and over twenty times in the past forty years. I have used most of the major brand interstate movers. Recently, I contracted with Southeast to move my household goods from Atlanta, Georgia, to Michigan.

I dealt with Benjamin David, President of Southeast Van Lines, Atlanta, Georgia.

David promised “high-end” service with his “highly trained” staff. David sold me a $7,000 pack-and-move including an optional $795 full-value insurance package that covered $50,000 of goods with a $500 deductible.

Upon delivery most of the furniture was damaged.  Computers were tossed into boxes without any wrapping or protection. They were crushed in their boxes.

Clothes with their hangars were stuffed and stacked into wardrobe boxes without being hung. Personal vanity articles were missing or stolen.

When the packers were in other rooms loading boxes and out of line-of-sight, the crew was just dumping our belongings into boxes without any wrapping whatsoever. Upon arrival virtually every box had damaged items and nearly every piece of furniture was damaged.

Good thing I purchased the optional full replacement value insurance, right? Wrong. Southeast refused to honor the additional insurance I purchased.

Benjamin David and his company use subterfuge, chicanery and sleight-of-hand contract tricks to fool consumers into purchasing “full replacement value” insurance that is worthless while waging a war of attrition against unsophisticated consumers that make a claim against Southeast.

This company has far too many complaints (see below) and many of them cite Benjamin David’s business practices as unethical, fraudulent. deliberately misrepresentative, and more.

other victims

Wall of Shame
Southeast Van Lines, Atlanta GA

There is a growing chorus of consumers online that are speaking out against Southeast Van Lines and Benjamin David’s business practices! Are you a victim of Southeast Van Lines too?

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Are you a Victim of Southeast Van Lines?
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We want you to know that you are not alone. We are currently organizing victims of Southeast Van Lines to submit a petition for class action certification in a lawsuit against Southeast and Mr. Benjamin David. If you have a claim against Southeast Van Lines or Benjamin David personally, we may by able to help provide assistance at no cost to you. For more information, please contact us by filling out the form below.

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Do Not Purchase Additional Insurance from David

After purchasing an additional $50,000 worth of Full Value insurance with a $500 deductible from Mr. David for $795, we submitted a claim for $12,000 worth of damage. Southeast made a settlement offer of only $600, some $11,400 less than the coverage we contracted for. The additional insurance cost $795 and only provided $600 worth of coverage?!?!

Southeast did not even send an adjuster to inspect the damage items pursuant to our claim. They simply sent a $600 settlement offer while ignoring the optional full replacement insurance I purchased from David.

Reputable moving companies will send an adjuster to your home to assess your claim. Southeast does not do this because they have no intention of settling your claim for the insured value.

Our calls to Mr. David’s cell phone (678) 531-5168 went unanswered as well as all calls and emails to Southeast Van Lines office at 7742 Spalding Drive, Norcross, GA 30092. You can contact David at

Who Do You Trust?

Mr. David has inspired a great deal of antipathy in his customers across the United States. Many customers have filed complaints against this man and his company.

What about all those positive online reviews? Fake online reviews are common. But something seems to be happening here with Southeast. There are far too many complaints from too many customers to be a coincidence. I was able to find over 20 recent complaints.

With this many complaints against one company a consumer must ask himself, “Why take a chance with Southeast when there are many reputable moving companies?” You can contact David at

Other Victims


If you have additional information on Benjamin David or Southeast Van Lines, or need the advice of an attorney, please send me a note and I will call you.